Frequently Asked Questions


Remember, I'm just one guy and reading/answering every single comment/question submitted from the website and on YouTube takes a lot of time.

Please read through the following frequently asked questions to make sure you're not asking something that's already been answered here.

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Q: Can I pay with something other than PayPal?

Not on this website, no.  However, you can use my Etsy store if you wish to pay using something other than PayPal.

Q: I made a purchase but can't find my download links.

The receipt email with the download links is sent to the email address that is associated to your PayPal account.  First, verify it's not in your spam folder.  If you definitely didn't receive it, verify that your PayPal account is configured with the correct email address.  If it's configured with the wrong email address and you can no longer access that email, send me your Order number, Incorrect e-mail address, and the Correct e-mail address and I will update your transaction within the database and re-issue you the message with download links.

Q: Can you just mail me hard copies of the plans?

No, I legally cannot.  A hard copy of the plans would make them a "physical" product and no longer a "digital" product.  The state of Michigan deems digital products as tax exempt and not a tangible property.  My website is not configured to collect sales tax for my plans so I would be in violation for sending out physical media for a "digital" product.  You have to download and print the plans for yourself.

Q: Download link expired! Can I get a new one?

The download links expire after 30 days so if you take too long to retrieve the plans you've purchased, you run the risk of your link expiring.  Send me your Order number and I can re-issue you a set of fresh links.

Q: Are the plans in Imperial or Metric?

All the plans are in Imperial measurements only.  If you want to build the project using metric measurements, you'll have to convert the dimensions yourself using an online tool such as Google.

Q: Can I get a copy of the SketchUp or Fusion360 files?

No, sorry.  I don't even use SketchUp any longer and don't have any of my old files for it.  As for my Fusion projects, I'm keeping those cards close to the chest for now.

Q: Where are the free plans?

This website storefront doesn't allow me to create a listing for an item that is free.  The cheapest possible amount I can make it is $1.  All of the $1 plans can also be obtained for free by following the download links in the video description on YouTube.  You can either get them there for free or buy them off this website for $1.

Q: Will you make it for me?

No, sorry.  I don't do any commission work at all.  If you're not comfortable following the plans and building it yourself, I suggest hiring someone local to build it for you.

Q: I have a question about the plans...

Please remember, I have a lot of plans for a lot of projects.  Be very specific about what project you're working on and exactly where in the plans you're referring to.  Give me as many details that I'll need so that I can answer your question easily without having to email you back for more information.

Q: Why do you use Ridgid tools so much?

Well, everyone has to start somewhere, right?  I definitely feel that Ridgid makes decent power tools that are leaps and bounds better than some other entry-level tools.  I also understand that there are some other brands that are considered to be better.  However, my Ridgid tools have proven to be rugged, reliable, dependable, and even affordable.  Not to mention, they have an amazing lifetime warranty where if anything ever goes wrong, I get a new one at no cost.  

Q: What kind of CNC do you have?  Why that one?

I have the OneFinity "Woodworker" CNC.  You can find more info about them at  In short, I chose this machine because of its rigidity, ease of install, wifi and usb interfaces, ball screws and not belts, no limit switches, network connectivity options, included touchscreen, smart OS and pre-run Gcode analysis, and the Makita spindle.

Q: You should of...

Forgive me, but I'm just not really interested, sorry.


Thanks! Message sent.