I don't always record everything I make and post it on YouTube.  So here's a more thorough gallery of some of the things I've made since I've gotten into woodworking just a short while ago.  Some of the projects you'll recognize from YouTube while others either didn't make the cut or were such small projects that they wouldn't have made for a good video.


Dani's Cutting Board
Cheese Board
Camping Sign
The Waving American Flag
Shou Sugi Ban Picture Frame
Shou Sugi Ban Picture Frame
Recipe Card Boxes
Stanley Bailey Sweetheart No. 6
TV Table
Wooden Spoon
House Number Plaque
Gradient Board
Brick Pattern Board
Michigan Pallet Art
Knotty Maple Shelves
Cutting Board
Finger-Jointed Pencil Cup
Christmas Stars
Indicator Switch
Headphone Clamp
Guitar Stand
The Lattice Board
The Tumbling Block Board
The Waffle Board
Gradient Board 2.0
Hanging Herb Garden
The Box Joint Jig
The Trick Box
Sawtooth Shelves
Cutoff Board
Church Cross
Church Cross