Adjustable Sofa Table

Adjustable Sofa Table


This sleek-looking little sofa table is perfect for giving you someplace super convenient to set your drink, your book, your phone, the remote, whatever!  It's very versatile and boasts up to 10.5 inches of height adjustability!  This means you can slide it down in front of your chair or sofa, have it off to the side and over the arm, or in some cases... over the back!  Changing the height is as easy and pulling out the locking pin, gently lifting up on the slider, and pushing the pin back into another adjustment hole.  

These make EXCELLENT gifts and they are very easy to batch out.  You can get 4 complete tables out of a single 4x8 sheet of plywood so this is perfect for those of you looking for your next project.  


Here's a link to the associated video on YouTube!

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