Battery Dispenser

Battery Dispenser


This is a set of step-by-step project plans to create the Battery Dispenser that I designed.  This dispenser has a series of columns for storing 15 9volts, 7 D-size, 10 C-size, 36 AA, and 48 AAA batteries as well as a storage cabinet below for even more!  It hangs on the wall from a hidden French cleat. There are also sliding acrylic covers for each column that are easily removable for restocking. This is a fun, yet challenging, little build! The battery dispenser has proven to be a great way to stay organized and it gets rid of the countless battery packages we have stuffed in junk drawers throughout the house. It’s just nice to have a centralized location for all of them along with a spot for the tools you’ll need to open those pesky battery compartments that are fastened closed. So add a bit more convenience to your routine and have fun building this battery dispenser!


Here's a link to the associated Fisher's Shop YouTube video of the project. 


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