Deer Skull Plaque (GFD)

Deer Skull Plaque (GFD)


Display your european skull mount in style with this simple plaque design. Hang it on the wall with a keyhole slot in the back, or flip the center standoff piece 180 degrees to use it as a pedestal style display. Note - different game species have angles to their brain stem hole - for deer, the mounting post is 90 degrees to the faceplate.You can use this design for similarly sized critters (antelope, sheep, etc.) but their angle is different and you will have to work that out for yourself. 


This item is for digitally downloaded scale drawings that will allow you to make your own skull plaque. Print these out at 100% 1:1 scale, stick them to your wood and cut and sand to the lines. If you need to make multiple, consider making templates and using a router pattern bit to get consistent results.


Follow these links for demonstrations.


Skull Plaque Demo 1

Skull Plaque Demo 2

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