DeWalt 735 Planer Flip-top Stand (WNW)


Build this stand and you can fit two tools in the space of one in your


There are many fliptop stands on the net.  This one was specifically designed for the DeWalt dw735 planer.  The DeWALT dw735 is a very large planer. Most planers are more rectangular shaped. The dewalt is shorter and more squat, but also much more square in shape.  This means that I needed a much larger stand than I would for another planer.


The main difference between this stand and the Fisher Fliptop stand is that it is sized for the DeWalt planer.  Also, this stand does NOT include a power bar.  This means that the tools need to be unplugged when they are flipped.  This also means that there is no "stop" incorporated, so you can keep flipping and flipping and flipping.  Who knows, maybe you like that sort of thing.   


In all seriousness, if you are looking for a stand for a smaller tool, or a sander, then the Fisher Flip stand is for you.  If you want a stand for a DeWalt planer or something of similar size, then this one should help.


The plans consist of a 34 page PDF file, which contains: Clear, simple, illustrated, instructions covering all steps of the construction process. Numerous 3D drawings in various stages of construction. A cutting plan, to help you layout the parts on a sheet of plywood. Several photos of my completed stand, giving both an overview and some closeup detail shots.


Note that there are plans for two versions of my fliptop stand; one with and one without a storage drawer.


This project was originally built before I started my YouTube channel. As such, I do not have a build video of this project. However, I later modified the stand to include a drawer. At that time I recorded a
detailed tour of the stand, and also showed how I modified it.  This video is available on the WordsNWood YouTube Channel here.

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