Fisher's Bucket

Fisher's Bucket


These plans are to build the super fancy wooden bucket as depicted in the Fisher's Shop video on YouTube.  This bucket features 20 staves, a rabbeted-in bottom, a bent lamination handle, and wooden fasteners.  It's a challenging project however it's made easy with these step-by-step instructions that walk you through creating the jigs you'll need to accurately and consistently make your staves.  There's templates to help you make your forms for the bent lamination and even a bonus set of instructions to help you create the custom hold-down clamps that can be used on your jigs.  


This bucket is a show stopper piece!  It looks stunning and will definitely showcase your woodworking skills!  Additionally, if you're looking for something to sell at craft fairs, these make wonderful planters, waste bins, kindling buckets, and have many other places as part of your home decor!  It's a simple project to batch out (especially if you omit the handle) with the help of the jigs.

So are you ready to challenge yourself?  Add this project to your... bucket list!


Here's a link to the video of the project.


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