Fisher's Flip Cart

Fisher's Flip Cart


I reinvented the flip cart with a clever new design so that it's not only a space-saving mobile cart, but it's also easier to use than any other design I've seen!  The surface is locked and completely stable with just a single latch and there's integrated power so you no longer have to mess with power cords for your tools!  Now you can switch between tools in a matter of seconds and not have your work flow interrupted while you search for an outlet to plug in your machine.  A removable front face-plate allows for quick and easy access to the integrated power strip, and a handy storage drawer is below that can hold all your tool accessories.  This is truly the best piece of shop furniture I have in my workshop!


Haven't seen the video?  Shame on you!  Quick, check it out here!



Q. I'd like to know how big of a tool I could mount on the cart, so what's the dimensions of the opening?

A. The dimensions of the cart's opening (above the shelf to the upside down surface) = W: 24”, D: 20", H: 19" The plans can easily be altered to accept wider or taller tools.


Q. Aren't you worried that the sides my splay out and drop the flip surface?

A.  Not really.  If you use quality plywood, it will be quite rigid.  But if you're concerned about that, you can always leave your pivot pipe a bit longer, have your black iron pipe threaded on the ends, and screw on some end caps that would prohibit the sides from moving out.


Q. What's the weight this cart will hold?

A.  My disc sander is roughly 85lbs and my spindle sander is around 35lbs.  I used rather cheap sanded plywood and there's no indication that I'm anywhere near a weight problem.  If you use higher quality plywood, you'd be able to load it up even more.


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