Fisher's Fold-Up Ping Pong Table

Fisher's Fold-Up Ping Pong Table


My grandfather designed a fold-up ping pong table that I used to play on as a child.  Now that my son has found an appreciation for the game, I wanted to recreate his design.  After much trial and error, I figured out how my grandfather had done it!  I took it a few steps further and simplified the design and altered it so that the entire thing could be made from 3/4" material.  


These plans will guide you through making a regulation size ping pong table measuring 5ft wide, 9ft long, with a table surface that is 2 1/2ft high. It folds up to a width of 18" for easy storing and can be deployed and folded up in seconds.  This is a fantastic design!  When you want to play, it can be easily deployed by folding down the sides and deploying the legs.  When you're done, it can just as easily be folded up and wheeled out of the way.


So if you're a fan of the game like me, you'll definitely enjoy building this project AND playing on it once you're done!  


This document contains detailed step-by-step instructions on building the Fisher's Fold-Up Ping Pong Table depicted in the video on Fisher's Shop YouTube channel.  Haven't seen the video?  Here's a link to it!

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