Fisher's Mobile Tool Cart

Fisher's Mobile Tool Cart


Years ago I built a first piece of shop furniture. It was a sad excuse for a mobile planer stand and severely lacked in both the storage and functionality departments. I really needed something better so I set out to design something that would be an upgrade on all accounts. Imagine my surprise when I discovered my new design can be completely built from just two sheets of plywood with very minimal waste. It's the Two Sheet Tool Seat! I decided to go with drawers instead of a cabinet and chose heavy duty lockable casters to make it mobile. This thing has been an amazing upgrade to the shop, has an incredible amount of storage within, and was very affordable to build since it only needed two sheets. Check out the video and see if it could be a fit for your shop too!


Dimensions of cart (w/o casters): Width:30" Depth:22" Height:26.5"


This document contains detailed step-by-step instructions on building the mobile tool cart depicted in the "Shop Work: Building a Mobile Tool Cart" video on Fisher's Shop YouTube channel.  Haven't seen the video?  Here's a link to it!



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