Fisher's Push Stick - Walnut End-Grain

Fisher's Push Stick - Walnut End-Grain


For a limited time only, I'm selling these walnut end-grain Fisher's Shop push sticks.  From the scrap bin to beautiful end products, these push sticks can either be display pieces or functional works of art for your wood shop.  They're all made from solid walnut on the top with a solid hard maple sole and catch beneath.  Each comes in the uinique Fisher's Shop design which allows for you to easily replace the bottom sole and catch when they inevitably get chewed up on the table saw.  They've all been cut, crafted, and meticulously sanded by hand as well as sport classy bevels and the Fisher's Shop logo engraved on one side.  There's only a select few of these available so be sure to pick yours up today before they're gone for good!


End-grain pieces are highly sought after due to the variety and attractiveness of the grain patterns they create, especially when utilizing sapwood to heartwood transitions.  Additionally, the end-grain surface remains smoother to the touch compared to face-grain pieces because of the nature of the wood fibers.  Typically end-grain surfaces offer a much richer and darker appearance than face-grain but are much more complex and difficult to construct.


There's a video on my YouTube channel that goes into detail about the features of the design and how you can reuse the same pushstick for years to come, regardless of how marred up the bottom gets.  Here's a link to the video:

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