Fisher's Swivel Bookcase

Fisher's Swivel Bookcase


These plans are to build the Swivel Bookcase as depicted in the Fisher’s Shop video on YouTube.  This is a space-saving, but yet very functional, tower-style bookcase.  It features six total shelves and is fastened to a lazy-Susan base.  With it being able to rotate, all the shelves are very accessible allowing you to put the entire thing in the corner and out of the way.  Another option would be to only make it one shelf high and turn it into a rotating coffee table or two shelves high to make it an end table.  And since the shelves and cubbies are very easily repeatable, you could even make it four or five shelves high and turn it into a display case for your collectibles.  It’s really up to you! 


Here's a link to the associated Fisher's Shop YouTube video of the project.


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