Fisher's Trebuchet

Fisher's Trebuchet


These plans are to build the Trebuchet as depicted in the Fisher’s Shop video on YouTube.  This little siege engine can chuck a tennis ball well over 20yards!  And as you saw in the video, a couple of them can make for a super fun yard game.  There's something very enjoyable about building a contraption that comes to life and does something.  So whether you plan on flinging tennis balls at targets, or using it for physics experiments, this Trebuchet is a blast to make.  The plans include all the templates you'll need for the project so there's virtually no measuring needed.  So if you're a beginner that's looking for a good starter project or an expert that just wants to build a piece of medieval weaponry, then this one is for you!


Want the Fusion360 Design file or the Easel Gcode?  Click here! 


Here's a link to the associated Fisher's Shop YouTube video of the project. 


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