Fisher's Wooden Puzzles

Fisher's Wooden Puzzles


I really enjoy the small nick-nacks that I have strewn across my desk. I’m always fidgeting with them, and it just makes sitting at my desk a little more enjoyable. Sure, they’re distracting and definitely contribute to my procrastination, but hey… they’re fun! I wanted to build 3 small wooden puzzles to add to the collection, and they turned out great! All three of the puzzles are excellent to challenge your friends with, to give away as gifts, or to sell at craft fairs!


This set of instructions will guide you through making:

- The puzzle cube (7 pieces) and the box with lid (using butt-joints)

- The Oliver string puzzle

- The Star puzzle (6 pieces) and the table saw jig used to make them


This document contains detailed step-by-step instructions on building the Fisher's Wooden Puzzles depicted in the video on Fisher's Shop YouTube channel.  Haven't seen the video?  Here's a link to it!

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