FishRack bit organizer for the OneFinity

FishRack bit organizer for the OneFinity


The FishRack bit organizer is a super handy little holder for just about everything you'll use when operating your OneFinity.  It conveniently has twelve spots for bits within cases, twelve spots for 1/8" bits, and sixteen spots for 1/4" bits.  There are three holes to hold collets, a pocket to hold a set of Harbor Freight (Pittsburgh brand) calipers, another to hold the two Makita wrenches nested together, and even a slot for a mechanical pencil.  The tray has been sized perfectly to fit in the drawers of the Fisher's Mobil Assembly Table but can just as easily be cut to fit whatever size you need.


This download includes the standard Gcode (.nc format) which has been compressed into a .ZIP file.  The cut requires the use of a 1/8" straight end-mill and has a duration of approximately 44minutes.  This cut calls for stock at least 3/4" thick as some of the pockets and holes are 1/2" deep.  The finished product is approximately 10" wide by 8" deep.  


Additionally, the SVG image file is included within the ZIP file.  You can use this file to alter the FishRack to your liking.  For example, if you want more or less bit holders, change the shape of the caliper pocket, or even do away with the pencil groove, you can accmplish that by using your CNC software to edit the SVG elements and change it to your liking.


  • File Format

    ZIP Compressed file containing the following:

    - Standard Gcode .nc file

    - SVG Vector graphic file