Harvest Table (WNW)

Harvest Table (WNW)


This is a plan package for a Harvest table.   I designed two kinds of Harvest tables.  I only built one, but these plans contain instructions for either kind.   The first one is your basic Harvest table -- that
classic rectangular styling.  The Second table has the same top, but the long aprons have been pushed further under the table, to give more legroom.  


The plans consist of a 21 page PDF file, which contains Measured drawings (plans) of both the "Classic Style" harvest table (the one I designed but did not build.) and the "New Style" harvest table (the one that I built.) For each table design, the PDF contains a detailed parts list, as well as 5-7 pages (each) of detailed 3D drawings, showing the project from multiple angles, and containing all the dimensions required to construct the project.


I realize that not everyone wants to build a table the exact same size as mine, so I have included instructions which clearly explains how you can adjust the size of either one of these projects to suit yourself. Using these instructions you can calculate the needed lengths of the aprons and crosspieces, which will help in your design process.


Here is a link to the WordsNWood YouTube videos of this project:
Part one
Part two
Part three

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