Heirloom Pushtoy (WNW)


This intricate child's toy is a chance to make an heirloom that will be cherished for years. But yes, it also makes a bit of a racket. It looks kind of like a push mower, but it's made of wood, and can be
pushed or pulled around the house.  There are a bunch of blocks inside the wheels which are mounted on dowels in such a way that they can swing back and forth, making a rattling clacking sound. Don't let all the curves scare you!  There is really only one curved piece that could be considered a bit tricky and these plans have 1:1 patterns that can be traced to take care of that.


The plans consist of a 28 page PDF file, which includes 14 pages of illustrated step-by-step instructions. (These are illustrated with photos from the build.) The plans also include 8 pages of 1:1 plans. This includes plans for the bending form, plans for the wheels, and plans for the noisemaker blocks.  These 1:1 plans can be printed and glued to the wood and then used as a pattern to cut out the pieces.

Here are the links to the three WordsNWood YouTube videos of building this

Part one
Part two

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