Knockdown Guitar Stand (WNW)

Knockdown Guitar Stand (WNW)


Build this custom guitar stand as a place to both securely hold, and beautifully display your guitar. It knocks down flat into just three pieces for storage or transport, but locks together securely with no
mechanical fasteners. 


When I designed and built my son's guitar stand, I did not intend to produce a set of plans. It was very much a free flowing design process. If you watch the youtube video (linked below) then you will see that I went through several designs before I found the correct one that worked for our guitar. So I did not think that a set of plans would be that helpful, given how "custom" this was. Nevertheless, I have received several inquiries since producing that video, from people looking for printable templates. So I decided to put together a basic set of plans.


The plans consist of a 15 page PDF file, which contains 12 pages of 1:1 drawings which you can print out and glue (or tape) together to give you lifesize plans that you can use to build the guitar stand. These plans were taken from photos of my own completed guitar stand.


PLEASE NOTE: These are just 1:1 plans. There are no detailed build instructions included.  Also, This stand was designed to hold a Bass guitar that weighs approximantely 10 pounds (4-4.5kg) and is
approximately 47 inches (119cm) long. If your guitar differs significantly from those dimensions, then you may need to make adjustments to your stand.


Here is a link to the WordsNWood YouTube video of this project.

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