Mobile Tablesaw Base & Storage (WNW)

Mobile Tablesaw Base & Storage (WNW)


These plans are for a mobile base for your tablesaw.  They include a ton of storage, and wrap around and UNDER your tablesaw.  It turns the entire saw and storage unit into a mobile structure. My table saw is the centrepiece of my shop. I use it a lot. But it is also fairly large, occupying a large amount of space. In my quest for more and better storage, I had long dreamt about all the empty wasted space that is under and around my table saw. One option would be to build a rolling cart that occupies the space under the wing of the saw. That would be a good solution if my table saw
stayed in one place. However, in my compact shop everything is on wheels, and gets moved regularly. Therefore, every time I move the saw I would also have to move an under-wing cabinet.

Over the years I have seen several designs of table saw workstations, where people actually transform the table saw into a movable cabinet.

These designs always involve removing the legs/base of the saw and mounting the top onto a rolling cabinet.  The problem with those designs is that you are committing yourself to the specific table saw that you are custom fitting into the cabinet. I like my saw, but I do hope to someday replace it with a better model. A cabinet saw, for instance, would not work with most designs.


So instead I came up with this design for a more modular Tablesaw workstation. It incorporates a rolling platform that the table saw would sit upon. As well there would be cabinets that would fit on that platform sitting under and beside the saw. The entire unit would be mobile, and could come apart in sections in case I ever needed to move, or decided to upgrade or replace a section of it. The table saw itself could be removed from the platform and replaced with another one, with a minimum amount of fuss, should I ever upgrade my saw.


The plan package consists of A forty-one page PDF file, which contains: Clear, simple, instructions covering all steps of the construction process. Numerous colour photos and 3D drawings. Twelve pages of 3D views, including detailed measurements of the various parts, A detailed parts list for each module.


Please Note:  This project was originally built before I started my YouTube channel.  As such, I do not have a build video of this project. I do have a very rough video tour (one of my first primitive videos)
available here.


However, in 2015 I did have to make a minor change to the mobile stand, and at that time I recorded a video of the teardown and fix, which does show a lot of details of how the project goes together. I can strongly recommend this video to anyone thinking of building this.

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