Outdoor Lounge Chair

Outdoor Lounge Chair


These plans are to build the outdoor lounge chair as depicted in the Fisher’s Shop video. This is a platform-style lounge chair that offers two different degrees of incline or it can lay flat. The other half of the chair can open to offer internal storage for items that you want to keep handy or that you don’t want to blow away.


It's an easy build that doesn't involve any complex joinery.  In fact, most of the construction is based around lumberyard dimensions so there's no milling required.  I would classify this as a beginner-intermediate skill level project that doesn't call for a massive tool collection to complete.  In fact, you can do just about all of it with a tablesaw and a drill!


So pick up the plans today and make yourself a comfortable lounge chair to relax on!


Here's a link to the video of the project.

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