Roll-Top Bandsaw Box

Roll-Top Bandsaw Box


This is a very unique, clever, and beautiful little bandsaw box that is perfect as a jewelry box, knick-knack container, or just as a showpiece!  It features a roll-top lid to access the top compartment as well as a small drawer on the front of the box.  The round shape and the roll-top are definitely what set it apart from typical bandsaw boxes!  It's a lot of fun to make (for both the beginner and the advanced woodworker) and will most certainly let you hone your bandsaw skills.

These make EXCELLENT gifts and don't require a lot of material to produce.  The unique look and function of the box make them a great seller for craft shows or for your online store.  Pick these plans up and start making your roll-top bandsaw box today!


Here's a link to the associated video on YouTube!

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