Table Saw Jigs Part 3

Table Saw Jigs Part 3


This is just PART 3 of the Ultimate Table Saw Jigs collection that I've put together.  Jigs are such an important part in the wood shop and are essential when you're looking for consistency, repeat-ability, and ease of a specific task.  A good jig is one that isn't too complex but can tremendously simplify a given process, and I think I've got three here that fit this bill.  The three jigs that I cover in these plans are:


  • Adjustable Circle-Cutting Jig
  • Tenoning Jig
  • Fisher's Dovetailing Jig


This document contains detailed step-by-step instructions on building the three jigs that are depicted in the "Shop Work: Ultimate Table Saw Jigs Part 3" video on Fisher's Shop YouTube channel.  Haven't seen the video?  Here's a link to it!


The plans have lists of required basic tools, power tools, and materials needed.  There is a 1:1 stencil you can print out for the hold-down clamps, thorough explanations of each step, and plenty pictures to help you along the way.  All in all, it's 34 pages of very in-depth plans that will make these builds simple for you.  Be sure to check out Part 1 & 2, if you haven't already, for six other jigs that you need in your shop as well!


As a free extra, I included plans and instructions to build the wooden hold-down clamps that can be seen in the video!

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