Theo's Castle (WNW)

Theo's Castle (WNW)


I built this modular wooden castle project many years ago for my son, hence the name.  These plans can help you build one for the special child in your life. The guiding principle is that, rather than building a castle, this project will let a child build a castle themselves... again and again, and in ways that you would have never imagined. And stimulating the imagination is what we hope of every toy that we give to a child.


This project is made up of several individual castle "components". You can build as many of each as you like. These can then be combined in many different ways to make many different castles. It is meant to be a "kit".


The plans consist of a 26 page PDF file, including: A detailed parts list.  A sample cutting diagram.  Seven pages of illustrated instructions, covering all steps of the construction process.  (Note:
there are detailed instructions on constructing just one of the tower units, but the parts list contains the sizes for all four sizes of towers.) Ten pages of measured drawings, including 3D and 2D views,
exploded views, and detailed measurements.  Numerous colour photos and drawings.

This project was designed and built before I had a youtube channel, so I don't have a build video.  However, here is a link to the WordsNWood YouTube video that gives a detailed tour of the project, and goves over some of the construction techniques.


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